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the theme for the 41th annual roundup is we made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves This will be our first year at The Grange in Harbor.guest speakers were: rick w (a.a.) of coos bay, or,doreen s . (a.a.) of redding, ca,bunny g. of medford, or,keith c. (a.a.) of canby, or,queen norene. (a.a.) of modesto, ca and ron h. (a.a.) of canby , or.


the theme for the 40th annual roundup is "we will comprehend the word serenity & we will know peace:This will be our first year at The Grange in Harbor.guest speakers were: robert p. (a.a.) of amity, or, leslie r. (a.a.) of sacramento, ca, marna p. (al-anon) of amity, or, otto w. (a.a.) of medford, or,dave r. (a.a.) of sacramento, ca and lisa c. (a.a.) of canby , or.

39th annual roundup.



guest speakers for the 38th annual roundup were: Rosie B. from Eugene, or, John J. from Sherwood, or, Kim F. from Eugene, or, (al-anon) Marion G. from Lancaster, ca. Dave G. from Lancaster, ca. & Madeline P. from Happy Valley, or The theme was sunlight of the spirit




guest speakers for the 37th annual roundup were:Kellie H .,oregon city , or , Carla R ., la canada, ca - ,Cheryl F.,hillsboro, or (al-anon) , Bruce L ., bend, or , Doug R, la canada, ca & Charlie H. .,searchlight,nv .

the theme was we are people who normally would not mix



guest speakers for the 36th annual roundup were: Ginny J., salem, or - Trilyn J., oregon city or - Pearl H., canby, or (al-anon) - Gus P., eugene or - Father Tom, oakland ca - Karl M., covina ca. The theme was language of the heart.


the 35th annual roundup theme was : we will comprehend the word serenity and we will know peace. guest speakers: kayak mike, florence, or- aa, aaron z -aa, molalla, or, billie l, salem, or- al-anon, gus e. eureka, ca -aa, patty o, burmuda dunes, ca-aa leslie k. modesto, ca- aa

the 34th annual roundup theme was we are going to know a new freedom. guest speakers: kell d port orford, or - aa, nancy n tajunga, ca - aa, ron h canby, or - aa, sandy j portland, or al-anon speaker, wandie j pleasanton, ca - aa, mickey b l.a. , ca - aa.

the 33rd annual round-up theme was working with others. guest speakers: otto w. medford or, aa, pat m. florence, or -aa, marna p. amity, or -al-anon, tim w. portland or - aa, paul w. was schedualed to speak but cancelled with Reg H. - los angeles, ca - aa filling that spot , nancy m. portland or - aa

the 32nd annual round-up theme was happy, joyous, and free. guest speakers: butch o. smith river, ca - aa, judge jon, oregon city, or - aa, barbara o. portland or, -al-anon, noah d. santa barbara, ca - aa, polly p. birch bay, wa - aa, lennie z. troutdale or - aa

we begin to feel the nearness of our creator was the theme for 2008. our 31st annual round-up was held at azalea middle school in brookings. our speakers were: patrick b. from brookings, or marilyn h. from eugene, or, roland c. al-anon from redmond, or, harry the clown from portland, or, franny s. fron los angeles, ca, and billy s. from las vegas, nv.

when anyone anywhere... was the theme for 2007.Celebrating our 30th round-up and a new location at azalea middle school our speakers were: suzanne b. from corvallis, or, linda r. from crescent city ca, paula j. (al-anon) fromportland, or,micheal b. fromtoowamba, australia, dave s.from san jose, ca, and peter s. from rush or.

for we are building an arch was the theme for 2006 the 29th annual round-up was held at the redwood theatre for the last time, our speakers were: stephanie j. from north bend, or, tana d. from medford or, john k. from chico hills, ca, leslie k. from modesto, ca, pat r.(al-anon) oceanside, ca and cliff r. from oceanside, ca.

the way out was the theme for 2005. our28th annual south coast round-up held at the redwood theater in brookings. our speakers were: jim b. from brookings, or, sandy h. from poccatello id, mary-ann w. from medford, or, ajit s. (al-anon) from irvine, ca, wayne b. from santa monica, ca. and johnny h. from long beach, ca.

a simple kit of spiritual tools was the theme for 27th annual south coast round-up held at the redwood theater in brookings, oregon july 2004. our speakers were: judy g. from raineir, oregon, doug r., from tujunga, california, edie c., from sacramento, california, dan d. from beverton, and bea j.(al-anon) from klamath falls, oregon.

a new and wonderful world was the theme for 26th annual south coast round-up held at the redwood theater in brookings, oregon july 2003. our speakers were: yvonne s. from los angeles, ca, tim w. from mt. vernon, wa, ralph a. (al-anon) from ventura, ca, mark s. from seaside or, elissa s. from seaside or, and francine w. from mill valley ca.

the age of miracles is still with us was the theme for 25th annual south coast round-up held at the redwood theater in brookings, oregon july 2002. our speakers were: clancy i. from venice, california, jack g. from littleton, colorado, reg b.from coquille, oregon, grechen h. (al-anon) from eugene, or. and carol h. from eugene, oregon.

trudge the road of happy destiny was the theme of the 24th annual south coast round-up in beautifull brookings, oregon july 2001. our speakers were: crazy otto w. from shady cove, oregon, b.j. mauk (al-anon) from salem, oregon, barney b. from eureka, california, micky b. from byan, texas and marilyn h. of eugene, oregon on sunday morning.

the 23rd annual south coast round-up, rocketed into a fourth dimension of existence were held for the third time in brookings, oregon. before that it was held in gold beach oregon. our speakers were "serenity" sam m. from richmond indiana, bob d. from las vegas, nevada, leana g. from the dalles, oregon, our own treasure chris j. from brookings, oregon and sirley t.(al-anon) from eugene, oregon.

the previous year's 22nd round up a new freedom was a wonderful experience for all, especially those of us who had the privilege of working together putting it on. our featured speaker was going to be dr. paul o. (page 417 in the big book) from laguna nigel, california, but he called us in april and sadly informed us that his wife was ill and he had to cancel. we were looking forward to actually hearing and seeing one of the original old timers! bob earl from l.a. california agreed fill in the gap and then he had an unavoidable glitch in his schedule so got his sponsor rich m. to take his place. and sharon b. from los angeles, california. plus mary ann w. from shady cove, oregon, bill p. from portland, oregon. judy j. from milwaukee, oregon was our al-anon speaker.

a new beginning was our theme for the first year the round-up was held in brookings. clancy i. from l.a. california was our featured speaker for the 21st, . i for one was really moved by his story and laughed till my sides hurt as well. we hope he can come back soon. he was our featured speaker at the very first south coast round-up 23 years ago in gold beach, oregon. Our other speakers were: bill b. from grants pass, or, linda k. from coos bay, or, peter s. from rush, or, and rich f. from bend or.

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