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southern oregon coast, district 30, is located along one of the most dramatic areas of the pacific northwest coastline. scattered with numerous beaches, this area is renowned for whale watching, nature walks, bicycling, and most every sort of fishing.

the climate in this "banana belt" is mild year around with plenty of sunshine and gentle ocean breezes. there is good aa here, and meetings available every day of the week. you'll find the people outgoing and helpful. you'll certainly find your visit one of the "great events" of your sobriety.

if you think you have a problem with drinking call us on our aa hotlines

bandon-(541) 347-1720

brookings -(541)254-1064

coquille - (541) 396-3965

port orford - (541) 322-2160

gold beach- (541) 247-9038

i am responsible. when anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, i want the hand of A.A. always to be there. and for that i am responsible.

written meeting schedules for the entire district are available at the brookings police department.

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treasurer - jeff b 541 254 3350

secretary- david d

dcm and web - vern m.

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Curt is elected treasurer

Deborah p elected alt treasuer

Lisa S Secratary elected

Kristin r elected Registar

NB_04 area funded assemblies


NB_05 Motion for Reserve Fund Establishment

90 days in cash fund


NB_01 Motion for Increase in Access Budget


NB_03 Motion for Virtual District (September 2022)


: ▪ For 2023 only, move Oregon Area Pre-Conference Assembly from February 24th - 26th to March 31st - April 2nd


NB_05 Motion for PNC Seed Money


trans interpretation $8,000 per year


GSR bring the group

NB_06 Motion for Increase in IT Budget

budgetary impact $10,000

gsr bring the group

NB_08 Motion for CTF Lending Libraries

Budgetary impact $10,506

gsr bring the group


web if you had questions


District Meeting

oct 9 10 am

Frazier bakery 23 E 1st St, Coquille, OR 97423

Frazier bakery MAP


***GSR Reports to be filled out***


brooking zoom meetings



"when anyone anywhere..."





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